Flat Bottom Waste Grapple

  • Description

Builtrite™ Flat Bottom Municipal Waste Grapples are specifically designed for roadside pick-up of trash, brush, white goods, animal carcasses, etc. The grapple’s arms are designed to close horizontally to the ground and feature round edges, so they don’t damage the turf, when picking items up off the ground. The arms are semi-closed, to prevent fines from falling out.

The finest materials are used to provide maximum durability, exceptional performance and low maintenance, reducing your downtime.

Model Municipal Waste Grapples custom-design configurations include:

  • Hydraulic, continuous rotation using a heavy-duty rotator
  • 48″ wide and 67″ Opening for large capacity
  • High tensile steel used throughout
  • Oversized, hardened cylinder and arm pivot pins with replaceable bushings
  • High-pressure cylinders
  • Made in U.S.A.

Options Include:

  • Larger capacity arms (More width and depth)

Our Industry Leading Warranty is 2 Years or 4000 Hours!