2280-TM Truck Mounted Material Handler

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The Model 2280-TM Truck Mounted Material Handler is our newest, largest and most powerful, truck mounted material handler. Featuring the latest hydraulic and steel technology, this loader is designed for heavy-duty applications like jersey barrier handling, concrete slab removal, heavy construction, scrap pick up, handling drilling rig components, handling cable reels, etc. Using state of the art materials, we were able to significantly provide more lift capacity of this loader, without adding more weight.

It features high-pressure, on demand  hydraulics for increased lift capacity, under-slung boom and jib hoist cylinders for excellent operator visibility, continuous rotation, etc. 

Key features of the Model 2280-TM include:

  • Exceptional lift capacity…highest lift to weight ratio in the industry.
  • Piston Pump, on demand hydraulic system for smooth, efficient operation.
  • Two Boom Options – 25’6″ or 27’6″.
  • Main and Jib Cylinders – Designed for high pressure and state of the art seal design for long life. Rod eyes are friction welded to the rods for maximum weld penetration.
  • LED Lights-On both sides of jib boom.
  • Seat, Controls, Operator Guard-Ergonomic fold down seat; wrap around operator guard and heavy duty front guard; ergonomic pilot operated joystick controls with arm rests.
  • Tower Access-Large opening in tower (both sides) for easy access to hydraulic lines and hydraulic collector. The steel covers are easily removed with a socket wrench.
  • Ladders-18″ Wide and 2″ Deep With Grip Strut Treading, 3/4″ Solid Round Handles.
  • Stabilizer Legs –  Independently operated, fold-away style.

Our Industry Leading Warranty is 2 Years or 4000 Hours!

Customer: PCI Roads
Highway Maintenance Work – August 2017