1010-TM Truck Mounted Material Handler

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The Model 1010-TM Truck Mounted Material Handler is designed for railroad maintenance work, curb-side pick-up of white goods, garbage, woody debris, etc.

These units evolved with input from several major railroads to not only perform but to also incorporate a number of safety features. This loader is offered with either A-frame styled stabilizers or with out and down type stabilizers. The out and down stabilizers give operators more flexibility to find firm footing on varying surfaces, as each stabilizer is completely independent of one another. By extending beyond the ties altogether, they prevent possible tie damage.

Model 1010-TM options, features and benefits include:

  • Behind the cab or tail mounted
  • A-frame styled stabilizers or out & down stabilizers.
  • riple gear pump for much smoother boom, rotation and attachment control when utilizing multiple functions simultaneously.
  • Various boom lengths and 3’ squirt boom option.
  • Dual, heavy duty ladders with grip strut treading.
  • Radio remote control option.
  • Heavy Duty front guard, safety railing around operator, comfortable seat with seat belt.
  • Variety of control packages available.
  • Variety of attachments to suit various applications and customer preference.


Our Industry Leading Warranty is 2 Years or 4000 Hours!

The Model 1010-TM is available in several configurations to suit specific applications. Clicking on each graphic will reveal a larger graphic, pointing out the key features of each design.

Model 1010-TM with “A-Frame” Stabilizers – The Model 1010-TM with A-Frame Stabilizers provide the Model 1010’s performance with a more traditional styled stabilizer system. Each stabilizer leg is independently operated, allowing to to conform to varying topography.

Model 1010-TM with “Out & Down” Stabilizers – The Model 1010-TM with Out & Down Stabilizers were developed specifically for the railway maintenance industry. At the time, Railroads were seeking a loader with a stabilizer system that could easily adapt to the variations found on tracks. Not only did they want increased, overal stabilization, they wanted to prevent damage to the ties by having the legs move beyond them, preventing the operator from putting the pads on the ties altogether. Hence, the out and down stabilizers were implemented.

Model 1010-TM with “Out & Down” Stabilizers and open center tower – The Model 1010-TM with Out & Down Stabilizers and open center tower provides the benefit of the standard 1010-TM Out & Down with the added feature of the pass through portal, allowing the operator to load sections of rail onto the truck bed.