1380-TM Truck Mounted Material Handler

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The Model 1380-TM Truck Mounted Material Handler is designed for heavier duty applications like jersey barrier handling, heavy construction, scrap pick up, etc. It is an upgraded version of the Model 1300-TM, which incorporates an on-demand hydraulic system, using a high pressure, piston pump, as opposed to the 1300-TM’s triple gear pump system. As a result, the operator controls are smoother, quicker reacting and easier to operate, reducing operator fatigue. This loader is designed for highway contractors, foundation drilling contractors, pipeline contractors and any other applications requiring higher lift capacities. Key features include:

Model 1380-TM custom-design configurations include:

  • Behind the cab or tail mounted
  • 23’4″ Boom with Optional, 3′ Squirt Extension
  • Ergonomic joystick controls
  • LED boom lights
  • Variety of attachments to suit various applications and customer preference
  • Independently operated fold away stabilizers

Our Industry Leading Warranty is 2 Years or 4000 Hours!