Builtrite Manufacturing has been working with local, state, and national governments for over 15 years. With our wide range of stationary electric and truck mounted material handlers, we will find a knuckleboom crane to fit your needs.

Our stationary electric material handlers are a great green option. Our machines have zero diesel exhaust, no motor oil to dispose of, and no rubber tires that need to be replaced. They’re a very safe option as well; our machine is typically placed on a pedestal which provides better visibility than a machine that drives around on the floor.

Builtrite prides itself on building custom machines for its customers. Need a few extra lights on your boom to see into the pit? We got you. Need your power unit in an area separate from your material handler? We do that. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Below are a list of some of the many municipalities we have served over the years.